Marketing Consultancy

Emma Pratt's, (MD and founder of EP Marketing), marketing consultancy service is ideal for those who work in marketing or company directors and business owners who are looking to establish or grow their businesses through effective and affordable marketing.


From startups who need assistance with getting their business online and out there to managing the internal communications and processes needed to make leads convert into paying customers. Emma helps her clients to make sense of what needs to be done. 


Emma enjoys nothing more than empowering her clients so they can implement their marketing strategy and activity easily with tangible results. In fact, she is well known for injecting infectious passion and energy into projects.


Please give us a ring and we would be delighted to talk through your project and help you find the right solution for your budget and your overall objectives. Check out the plans to see what would work for you. 

Comment from a client about marketing consultancy

I have worked with Emma in two law firms, where she demonstrated a good understanding of the unusual marketing requirements of a French Legal Services team within a larger law firm. It was largely with her understanding and effort that we were able to set up a successful department at Ashton Graham in 2009, which was profitable from the very first year of trading.

Matthew Cameron


Ashtons Legal

Comment from a client about marketing consultancy

Emma was a pleasure to work with - an expert at what she does, efficient yet thorough and always personable. Emma's work was always creative & innovative with a clear achievable & measurable strategy. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Emma to others as a patient, reliable, expert & fun marketing manager who can make even the complicated marketing task seem easy.

Ben Stephens

Publishing Director

France Media Group

Comment from a client about marketing consultancy

Great work Emma! Spider Web Recruitment is only 8 weeks old and already we are incredibly visible on Google with organic SEO. Our largest national competitors feature as paid for advertising and our site sits directly under them on Google as number 3! Unpaid...way to go. Also thank you for making me think long term and strategic with regards to marketing, it made perfect sense. Your advice was sound and constructive and I'm so glad that my ears were open! EP Marketing will, I know, go from strength to strength.

Michelle Pollard

Managing Director & Founder

Spider Web Recruitment