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Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Social media – the world of expressing yourself in 140 characters or under and the world where videos of politicians and videos of puppies go hand in hand. We explore advertising online and how it can really boost your campaign and drive those all important leads to your door. Read more to find out...

It’s a world of ‘more more more’, and in an  environment that is so vastly oversaturated and, how is it possible to shout loud enough to generate genuine leads?

And by leads, we don’t mean a comment or a like or a smiley face underneath a link to your homepage. We mean tangible, useful information: valuable details such as contact number and email address that the user has chosen to submit to you, looking to get in touch.

For a long time social media advertising  had the reputation of being new age, and of being beneficial for brand awareness but not so beneficial for ROI. Historically, if you were looking for a quick return and had a limited budget to work with, social media was placed on the back-burner in favour of SEO and Google Adwords.

However, with the introduction of lead generation ad formats, this is changing.

Facebook and LinkedIn now boast a new format for paid advertising, whereby the user journey culminates in a submission form which can be completed and sent off all from within the app/website. Now that the user isn’t forced to migrate outside of the social media platform, acquiring valuable, fresh data has suddenly become a whole lot easier.

Given that both Facebook and LinkedIn adverts can be targeted around age, gender, location, interests, industries etc., you can rest assured that the leads are specific to your campaign aim, rather than random or spam submissions.

We’ve experienced phenomenal success with both Facebook, Google and LinkedIn advertising. One recruitment client was sceptical when we suggested this marketing route, but within one 28-day running period and a budget of £200 on Facebook, we were able to achieve over 100 completed submission forms and a reach of over 20,000. This in turn increased traffic to the website and sign-ups through the traditional contact form, as well as general engagement and following across all social media accounts.

Another client wanted to encourage ticket sales to a corporate event. We set up a LinkedIn advert that ran for just over one week with an actual spend of £180. This generated over 318,000 impressions, 46 clicks through to the booking page and with tickets costing minimum £250, just one sale paid for the entire campaign and more.

Are you interested in social media advertising? Whether you’re flirting with Facebook or liking the idea of LinkedIn, pop us an email on emma@epmarketing.co.uk or call us on – 07710689446 for a free and friendly chat. No obligation – let’s just hash it out.

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