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The Power of Email and Mail: Effective Campaign Battling

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Marketing a business is all about getting yourself out there, whether that be via digital channels or old school traditional tactics. Using as many platforms and marketing devices as possible is one way to ensure that you’re getting your voice heard.

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What’s the Difference Between Email and Mail?

Well, to put it blankly, email marketing is digital, whereas mail is physical paper. But you already knew that. It’s not this difference that makes both so great, it’s how your audience use and perceive them.

Direct Solutions reports, if the two are used in conjunction “organisations can drive more action, more loyalty and more sales.”

So, what’s so great about email and mail?

Well, while email is quick, informal and great for follow-ups, mail is a great way to gain customer loyalty, it’s more personal in the way that recipients feel valued as a customer more than if you just send a bog-standard, sales-pitchy email.

Battling Campaign Planning

If you’re only using emails as a way to reach out to customers and clients when promoting a campaign, perhaps this will change your mind…

Research suggests that “51% of consumers want to receive both mail and email”, with an extended “17% only wanting to receive mail as stated by Direct Solutions. So, if you’ve been excluding the possibility of combining both, that’s more than two thirds of your clients / customers being left feeling discontent.

Benefits such as, a drive for online business connections, establishing new audiences and higher sale performances, can all arise from incorporating direct mail into your campaign strategy. For example, 86% of people connected with a business when receiving mail and campaigns which used a combination scored 104% in market share growth compared to campaigns that did not.

Metrics and database marketing

Used strategically with a focus on a consumer-centricity, neither mail or email marketing need to be expensive or disconnected from the audience, and can be a great way to communicate brand personality and keep in touch with otherwise unmanageable audiences so that you remain at the forefront of the mind and don't miss opportunities.

Access to so many metrics offers the opportunity to simplify, and in some cases automate tiresome GDPR and database marketing processes, by ensuring those most engaged audiences benefit from more frequent and premium contact, and limit wastage of marketing efforts and spend.

Follow Ups

By tracking your opens and clicks, you’re able to keep an eye on interest in your campaign and decide what type of emails are going to help promote business development. Now, you may think that just sending a single email is enough. You’re wrong. Following up is equally as important. Getting in contact with your recipients is a great way to effectively home in on those extra sales and spike consumer interest.

It’s a way for consumers to feel more valued and connected to your business. Hearing a voice is so much better than reading expressionless text.

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