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Highly Recommended

I have used Emma's services for many years and she is tremendous to work with. I highly recommend her work.

Jay Moore



Great Team Support

Emma is a dynamic and entrepreneurial individual. Her passion for her work is evident and she is a great addition and support to our team. Her role as chair of the Town Centre Forum is of real importance to the BID and she brings to it flair and personality.

Fiona Wright


Savills Place


Emma is an energetic, creative and strong team player. Working on various projects, Emma remained firmly focussed on objectives, strong on delivery and an excellent creator of value for the business. With a broad range of transferable skills, Emma is highly recommended and has exceptional capablities in marketing based projects.

Paul Holland

Managing Director


Great Marketing

Emma is a great marketing manager and expert in her field. Since she was appointed to head up marketing for French services at Ashton Graham she proved to all partners that marketing is vital even for a law firm. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and have seen a noticeable difference in the quality of work and referral projects. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her work to anyone.

Jana Korpova-Harris

Business Development Manager

Smart Currency Exchange


Emma gave a presentation at the 2011 CIM Spring Marketing Conference and impressed delegates not only with the methodical way in which she planned and executed the marketing programme she ran for Ashton Graham to develop, launch and promote their new French Legal Services but also the confident way in which she presented a very successful cass study in B2B marketing.

Philip Preston

CIM Network Manager

Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

Pro Active

Emma is one of the most pro-active people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She is very thorough and dedicated to her work, always professional, available and cheerful. It is a delight knowing her and doing business with her.

Marianne Bainvel

Account Manager


Complex Marketing

I have worked with Emma in two law firms, where she demonstrated a good understanding of the unusual marketing requirements of a French Legal Services team within a larger law firm. It was largely with her understanding and effort that we were able to set up a successful department at Ashton Graham in 2009, which was profitable from the very first year of trading.

Matthew Cameron


Ashtons Legal

Expert Marketing

Emma was a pleasure to work with - an expert at what she does, efficient yet thorough and always personable. Emma's work was always creative & innovative with a clear achievable & measurable strategy. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Emma to others as a patient, reliable, expert & fun marketing manager who can make even the complicated marketing task seem easy.

Ben Stephens

Publishing Director

France Media Group

Marketing Strategy Lead

Emma worked with me for a number of years leading the marketing strategy for the firm. One of her major successes was to devise and implement a marketing strategy for a French Legal Service that Ashton Graham were to launch. This required a new approach to the traditional methods of marketing legal services, being largely web based. The strategy developed was highly successfully creating a profitable new business stream within 9 months of its launch. Emma is always highly committed and enthusiastic about her work.

Alan Brown

Owner and Deputy CEO

Ashton Graham

SEO Expert

Great work Emma! Spider Web Recruitment is only 8 weeks old and already we are incredibly visible on Google with organic SEO. Our largest national competitors feature as paid for advertising and our site sits directly under them on Google as number 3! Unpaid...way to go. Also thank you for making me think long term and strategic with regards to marketing, it made perfect sense. Your advice was sound and constructive and I'm so glad that my ears were open! EP Marketing will, I know, go from strength to strength.

Michelle Pollard

Managing Director & Founder

Spider Web Recruitment

Content Strategy Coach

Content marketing was part of our marketing plan to engage our network, showcase our industry expertise and communicate our brand personality whilst remaining competitive in search rankings. Emma has been an integral part of our content strategy for numerous years by creating monthly SEO-rich, relevant, current and interesting articles and how-to guides informed by keyword research, which captured the attention of our target audience!

Kieran Harvey

Marketing Manager

Conrad Consulting

Marketing for Start Ups

Starting your own business can be both scary and exciting. However, with Emma at your side, you will have a marketing specialist with excellent business sense looking out for you and your best interests. You will also find that Emma soon becomes a trusted friend who is genuinely interested in the success of your business and your personal happiness. Emma’s common sense, practical approach, patience and ability to listen has proved invaluable as I’ve been setting up my new business. For anyone who wishes to market themselves and their business effectively, I cannot recommend Emma highly enough.

John Elven


Edge Consult